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Friday, 20 July 2012

UK Landscape Award 2012 Open to entries

Showcasing the best projects in the UK

The UK Landscape Award celebrates the power of the local landscape to benefit communities within it. Not only will the winner of the award represent the quality of UK projects but the winner and commended projects will be promoted as good examples of what can be achieved.

A landscape for Europe

The UK Landscape Award was created by the European Landscape Convention and helps to implement it in the UK. The winner will become the UK's entry to the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe (COE) which will be decided by the COE in 2013.

All kinds of landscapes are eligible to enter

The landscape might be newly-created, it could be the improvement or renewal of an existing landscape or perhaps it has brought new life or community involvement to an existing place. All types of landscape - urban, rural, peri-urban (urban edge), suburban, coastal, agricultural, industrial, designed, natural, cultural, appealing to or designed for children - might be eligible to enter.

Who can enter

To be eligible to enter the UK landscape Award, the project must have been carried out by a local or regional authority, a non governmental organisation (NGO), a registered charity or a partnership with or between the above. The project will also need to be available to the public for 3 years before the final submission date.

A great opportunity

The Award is a great opportunity for organisations to demonstrate how they work with communities to make better places for all to enjoy.

Important dates

Entries close at 12 noon on 19 October 2012. The winner will be announced in November 2012. The UK winner will then be submitted to the Council of Europe’s European Landscape Award for 2013.

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