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Friday, 3 August 2012

DCMS consultation "Improving Listed Building Consent"

As reported in HELM newsletter

"This consultation was published on 26th July.  This seeks views on a second batch of potential reforms from the Penfold Report:-  

  • Introduction of a system of prior notification leading to deemed consent if the local planning authority does not respond within 28 days - to remove the number of full LBC applications for works which have little or no impact on special interest;  OR
  • Introduction of a system of local and national class consents which would enable local planning authorities or the Secretary of State, respectively, to identify works which will not longer require LBC as they have no impact on special interest;
  • Introduction of Certificates of Lawful Works which will enable the applicant  to get a formal view from the LPA either that proposed works will not require LBC or that works already carried out did not require LBC;
  • Introduction of a system of accredited agents who will be able to provide an LPA with an expert report on LBC applications in lieu of the report of the authority's own conservation officer, intended to widen the pool of expertise to be brought to bear on LBC applications, save LPA resources and provide more flexibility for applicants.

The consultation is a short one, as Government will be seeking opportunities for legislative change on this issues at the earliest available opportunity.  The views of heritage practitioners, owners and applicants on these proposals will be important.  The consultation document can be seen here  http://www.culture.gov.uk/consultations/9236.aspx. Any views you have should be submitted to DCMS by 23 August."

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